Friday, July 1, 2011

ArTsY fArTsY fRiDaY!

This weeks winner goes to Alex J Cutler. He is a Very special kinda guy, with a creative mindset in everything he does. Alex is a very busy guy, he attends College, and works at Satellite Boardshop. when he's not doing that he's ripping lines on a snowboard or thrashin the streets with his skateboard.  After all that and in-between, he still makes time to kick back and create some amazing artwork. It's Definitely is a pleasure to see the crazy things this guy can do in person as an artist, or on a board. All of the artwork below are hand drawn, and painted to his perfection in the unique way that expresses the Imagination of Alex J Cutler. Enjoy!

 Alex J Cutler Himself.


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