Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mt. Hood Update 2

Hey all! Been a while since I filled you in on whats going on in government camp. I have been very busy everyday waking up at 8 snowboarding and filming until 3 and then editing and burning camper dvd's until midnight. It is currently session 2 and we are already almost finished with it. Here are some "Hi-Quality" pictures of my summer filming at High Cascade Snowboard Camp. Enjoy!

Typical Mt. Hood morning, blue skies and snowboarding!

Cobra Dogs showed up session 1.

If you know, you know. If you don't then you've never lived.

Government Camp is this small...

Went down to Portland/Battle Ground for session 1 in between to skate and see friends.
Unicycle kids tearing it up!!!


Spotted a ferret while eating pizza in Portland, his owner was taking him for a walk.

New D.I.Y Skatespot in Portland, called Brooklyn Street.

They even got pool coping.

Crazy "art" spot near Brooklyn Street Skate Spot

Portland View.

Session two had especially clear skies...

At least the sunset was decent.

That's all for now! more to come.


This was a Special night for us, In the Honor of Travis Villarreal. It was a historic birthday on this spontaneous skate mission for fun. Alan Parenteau, And James Hill along for the Ride. It was Travis's Idea to skate and film, So he grabbed the camera and said I wanna save this day and film some fun. So we did, Kicking some fun's ass. Most of the Rad Skate fun was Alan in the Video frame but we all had a blast going up, down and around one of our favorite skate hideaways. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRAVIS!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Skate photos with Alan!

Here are a few of the shots captured from the amazing day of skateboard riding we enjoyed last sunday. Hi-YaHH!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Coupla' tricks with Alan!!

Yesterday we decided to go on a little skateboard adventure, with our friend Alan. He just recently moved down to our fair city from the snowy peaks of Aspen, Colorado. We thought it would be a grand idea to go out and film some summer time wheelie boarding, and enlighten Alan on some good spots to thrash and meet RADD babes.. So far just cool skate spots.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Artsy Fartsy Friday!!

This weeks artsy fartsy contender is none other than my very own padre, Mark Villarreal.
He just recently finished an incredible mosaic piece for the bathroom of some friends. His other works included are an installation for the Boulder Farmers Market, that my first grade class got to design teapot stamps for!; a few awesome paintings, and of course the dino-terrazzo floors he and fellow artist Carolyn Braaksma collaborated on at the Denver International Airport. Let your eyes gaze upon the wonders of his creations.. enjoy.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

A-Basin Again!!

Best "closing day" ever! ..NOT! open till July 4, suckas!! 
We had a blast at A-Basin yet again this last sunday, Fathers Day! yeah! It was great hangin with the newly appointed Rome Reps of Colorful ColoRADo and Satellite Boardshop. Thanks a lot guys, for the tasty drinks and delicious franks. It was the ultimate combination for a day of slashin RADD turns! Thanks to everyone that came out for the good times, it would have never been as magical without you. 
Featured Riders:

Zach Rawles
James Mammele
Alan Parenteau
Marcus Kyte
David Humphrey
Travis Villarreal
The Local Shred Dude

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

First day of the season

This is from First day of Filming this season,It all started when we headed up to Winter Park to get those legs moving! Here is a peek at a fun day of ripping turns and tricks. A great start to a movie we worked hard on all year. But of course all the Raddness is saved for the special Satellite movie premiere. Our bad on not getting this up sooner! Busy, busy, busy, this one kinda slipped by us.

Ben Lynch
Jackson Fowler
Curt Sorenson
JG Mazzotta
Alex Haskin
Raul Pinto

Friday, June 17, 2011

ArTsY fArTsY fRiDaY!

Jake Reed is our multi-talented friend, who skates hard and makes awesome artwork. Thus being an amazing man artist that is the winner of this weeks Artsy Fartsy Friday.  For some people, they may find his artwork odd, but we all agree in the words of Charles Wright, "Express Yourself!" Jake has recently had an impressive art gallery show at the Installation Shoe Gallery in Boulder CO. Jake draws his artwork by hand and lives life creek style. So this here is Jake's artwork, enjoy folks!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

RIDE WITH US 2011 Tour, Lafayette Skatepark!

This previous Sunday, we went with Satellite Boardshop on this summer's second RIDE WITH US Colorado skate stop to Lafayette Skatepark. An incredible park with an awesome set of dudes to skate with. After the day of skating, Satellite and friend's went up to camp in Nederland. There we enjoyed lots of barbeque, Canoeing, Motor sports, and BB guns! Enjoy these photos taken by Jon and a few by James as well, and hope to see everybody next time at Satellite's next stop, Denver Skatepark/Go Skate Day, June 21st!!!