Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Satellite Boardshop Presents: The Love Games!!

Everyone's invited,
 So come have fun and enjoy some jibs and Powder Kicker Booters!!! Of course aunti is going to there, filming the whole event. So Why not spend all day with the SATELLITE GANG and Friends having fun in the sun.

A letter from the shop:
So the plan is to arrive at Loveland Pass by 8 am (all the jumps will be built the day before). Registration will start at 8am and go until around 10am. Depending on how structured we need to be we will move from station to station with only one or two tents as a chill zone. 

The top of the pass will have the majority of tents all clustered together with the crew rotating out while doing laps (so nobody will have to sit with their tents all day).
The beer and BBQ will be at the top with these tents, so if you are helping with this please make it by 8am. We will be doing a facebook/blog/tumbler post to let riders know when and where to be.
Let your homies and friends know so they can come have a PBR AND RAGE!
The end of the day should be a drunk fest of glory days, stories and a bonfire if the conditions allow it.
Stoked to see you all there!
8am - Set up
9am - Tents and BBQ beer garden set up
10am - Registration ends
11-12  - SWe should be slipping the first zone
1-2 - On to the second zone
2-3 - Kicking it at the third zone
3-4 - Hitting the fourth zone or totally blazed from the boozing and weeding. Depending on how crusty your are feel free to chill, booze and tell stories of yester-year.


This rather speaks for itself.. 
We would like to thank our good buddy Austin Gregory for having such an artful shoe collection, and inspiring this great work of fun. We wanted to do something nice for you, and for all those who dwell among them. Thank you sir, for having so many shoes! ..[hangin around]  Ha!


Here is some more Radd for your eyes.


By Jon

Monday, April 18, 2011


Video coverage of the Vans Hi-Standard Air & Style Competition at Winter Park Resort on April 16th, 2011 By us, Aunti.Films

Sponsored By: Vans, Protec, Winter Park Resort, and Snowboard Mag

Coordinated By: Curtis Sorenson

Judges: Andreas Wiig, Yale Cousino and Nick Poohachoff

1st Place- Chris Willett
2nd Place- James Hafner
3rd Place-Davis Johnson

The best trick of the day was Chris Willett's Frontside 720 Shifty.

Film: Brendan Barry, James Hill, Travis Villarreal

Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen. You know who you are!

An Aunti.2011 Production

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Days spent out of the aunti office are typically spent having an awesome time with friends attached to snowboards and such! This here video invites you to see the fun we have had this season at a little place in Colorado called Eldora Mtn. Resort, the place is roughly 30min. out of the office and plenty close enough to squeeze in a run or four or five, heck perhaps even a lunch break! So please friends, kick back, watch, and enjoy!

An aunti insight.

This piece below is a wonderful aunti insight into the mind workings of fellow aunti RADDster, Travis Villarreal. He recently took a trip out to the NYC, and after touristing around for a while, he got inspired, and wallah! A piece from the New York state of mind through the eyes of Travis. A magical man he is, in the ways of art that is aunti.

On another note!
We've been getting a lot of radd-amazing photo and video shots this year, but we spend most of our days shooting Friends and comrades in the Biz. Sometimes though we're able to get in on the action. Here are a few of the fun moments being had by us, the lovable guys behind aunti.

Jon having some fun with a boulder.
                  Travis trying hard to fly.
   Brendan going for a nice slide. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Shootin’ with Floyd.

Last Night Jon, James and I drove up to Summit County to meet Daniel “Floyd” Ralph and shoot a article Me.Glad is having in the upcoming issue of Snowboard Colorado.  Me.Glad is a Colorado company and makes “garments celebrating the happiest of human moods”. Jon took some rad photos that capture Floyd and his companies spirit.  I filmed a little video during the photo shoot and made a quick edit of what I caught.  The new hoody that folds up into a fanny pack is a really cool idea.  Floyd talks about the concept and shows how it works.  Good work Floyd on the new line and excited to see more stuff from you.

Floyd took some time out of his busy schedule to shoot some photos for his upcoming "Checkout" section in Snowboard Colorado. Floyd shows off a couple of the new pieces from the Me.Glad spring clothing line and demonstrates some great facial expressions. Aunti had a great time hanging out with Floyd for an evening, check it out!
Film/Edit: Brendan Barry
Photo: Jon Hill
Assistance: James Hill
An Aunti.2011 Production
All Rights Reserved.