Thursday, July 7, 2011


On July 3rd we headed up to Nederland Colorado with our skateboards, and cameras to meet up with our friends the Satellite skate team. We definitely caught some magical action sports maneuvers with the them and all their Friends. It was a great Day, and the camping at night made it a glorious memory we will never forget. Thanks, and congratulations to Satellite for holding 9 strong years, and having the best skate day camping party reunion ever. You guys have always had the best Snowboard shreds and skateboard radness for the people of Colorado. They are a strong shop that is never going to fail on getting you what you need, and then showing you how to rip it wild! Thank you to everyone who came to ride with us.
Travis & James
After the skateboarding madness we went up camping and had the time of our lives, with out service and with out a care. These photos will be the black and white ones. All photos taken by me, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, thanks for the second to last one Mara! Hope every body had as awesome of a 3rd of July as we did! —Jon 

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