Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mt. Hood Update 2

Hey all! Been a while since I filled you in on whats going on in government camp. I have been very busy everyday waking up at 8 snowboarding and filming until 3 and then editing and burning camper dvd's until midnight. It is currently session 2 and we are already almost finished with it. Here are some "Hi-Quality" pictures of my summer filming at High Cascade Snowboard Camp. Enjoy!

Typical Mt. Hood morning, blue skies and snowboarding!

Cobra Dogs showed up session 1.

If you know, you know. If you don't then you've never lived.

Government Camp is this small...

Went down to Portland/Battle Ground for session 1 in between to skate and see friends.
Unicycle kids tearing it up!!!


Spotted a ferret while eating pizza in Portland, his owner was taking him for a walk.

New D.I.Y Skatespot in Portland, called Brooklyn Street.

They even got pool coping.

Crazy "art" spot near Brooklyn Street Skate Spot

Portland View.

Session two had especially clear skies...

At least the sunset was decent.

That's all for now! more to come.

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