Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Radd Junket #2

This Radd Junket was a Busy one! Going from one adventure to another, with some new places for you to see, Top secret realms.. We have been getting good snow down up in the ColoRADo, it's been keeping the shredding on all day and night. This is another sneek peek into our inbetween the seen of our travels and fun making our style of a boardin Movie with our friends.

Friday, December 16, 2011

A Visit to Colorado with Jed Anderson, Jake Kuzyk and Friends...

Just recently we found out our friend Joe Carlino was in town filming with Andy Wright, Jed, and Jake. We met up with them, and showed them some cool stuff around the area for a couple days. These dudes are great to photo/film/shred with, we had a great time. Below are a couple behind the scenes images of bungee pulling, spot prepping, and hanging out. We would show you the bangin' shots, but we would be forced to blindfold you. Don't worry friends, the shots will debut soon, in the magazines and videos that are shaping up. Photos by Jon Hill, and the one with Jon in it, was taken by Matt Zudo. Enjoy everybody, and never forget the good times.