Thursday, October 27, 2011

The A-Bay Down Rail SOIREE!!

On October 13th in this year of 2011, yep they did it. Open that is, holy heck it's definitely going to be one long season of Radical Boardin at the Arapahoe Basin. We met up with our pal Tj Simon who reps with Rome and Yea Nice for a fun day of getting down rail with some of our pals.

In order of appearance in the shred fest!

:Alan Parenteau
:Josh Stock
:Ian Boll
:Greyson Clifford
:Marcus Kyte
:Benny Boppo
:Robert Blank
:Mike Casanova
:Cody Potter

:Austin Julik-Heine

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Capita's Denver PREMIERE

This is going to be a night one shouldnt miss out on, you all have to come and support the cause. An Awesome Capita snowboard movie and then Defending the awesome Capita after party . Who wouldnt want to do that for a night in Denver!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lafayette Skate Attack!!

Ki-YAHH! This trip to the Lafayette Skatepark was a blast! We were joined by ultimate friends; Colton, Alan, Nick, and Braden, to capture some raddical fun! Thanks Lafayette, for helping us enjoy your skatepark under the lights. 


Alan, your still the home run king of the park.

Welcome James Haffner to the Me.Glad Brand

We at aunti are all so proud to be a part of James Haffner and the whole Meglad brand as their film crew/media of mass communication. It's going to be a Radd season. Great shred is going be had this year from James, everyone at Meglad, aunti and Vans/Protec of the Rockies. Thanks to all of you guys for supporting our cameras magical Raddness and pushing for good times.

Go to for more of the story.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Rome's "The Shred Remains" Tour, Denver

A Day in Denver with The Rome team, Skateboard Bbq and Romes"s Video premiere Mayhem "The Shred Remains" and Satellite Boardshops "APOCALYPSE POW". Video Recap by aunti.films.