Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hood Update #1!

Sunday 5-6-2011 I flew into Portland for my first day at work as a videographer at High Cascade Snowboard Camp. So far pre-camp has been a lot of fun, meeting tons of cool people, got to take a day of snowboarding and attending lots of meetings to learn about what the staff will be required to do this summer. Looking forward to working with all the other videographers, coaches, counselors and everyone else all summer and having good times. Here is a short photo update of my adventure so far.

Waiting for my flight to PDX at Denver International Airport

My flight went right over Mt. Hood.

Mt. Hood is covered in snow right now!

Blake Geis and Blaze Kotsenberg about to take our first run of summer.

Tucker Andrews, Skylar Brent and two other employees strapping in (too many employees to know everyones name at this point sorry!)

YEA!!! Aaron has a mullet and carhartt suspenders, the dude rips.

Scotty Vine Loadin up boards, about to head back to Govy.

My sweet oregon pin collection so far

That's it for now, sorry for the cell phone quality pics, I need to step my game up to Iphone or something or another. More to come soon stay tuned!

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