Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Skate for MS

Our friend Steve Pleines hosted a game of skate contest for multiple sclerosis at the University of Colorado. Many friends were in attendance and tricks were being landed left and right. The event had a very positive vibe that was enjoyable to all. Finals consisted of Robert Prehn and Patrick Tran, two local boulder skaters who have also been our friends for quite some time now. Rob took the 1st place prize with a perfect score against Pat, it was an intense game to say the least. Thanks to all the sponsors: Satellite Boardshop, Vans, Never Summer, Neuro Water, Beppo,, and the Colorado-Wyoming MS Chapter. Thanks to Steve, the Judges, and everyone else who helped set up and break down.

P.S.- Sorry for the tardiness of the video, finals, a stolen terabyte and a heavy workload are why it took so long to finish.


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