Friday, May 6, 2011


Brendan and our super rad Friends let the wild side hang out on a fine Closing day of April 23rd, 2011 at Breckenridge resort .  Despite an abundance of snow everywhere on the mountain, the resort unfortunately had to close.  It was cloudy, then sunny, then overcast, then low-light, then a blizzard, and ending finally with a little wind.  Basically the weather was a bit unpredictable, but it didn't phase us, we all came to have a board party of a last ride together, closing out another amazing season at Breck. The day consisted of fun, hammers, and friends. The three main ingredients for a perfect day. So Here is The awesome new aunti short video, displaying all the radical, and craziness that took place on closing day.  Thanks to everyone, you know who you are. Enjoy, and be sure to stay tuned for aunti more content! 

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