Friday, May 6, 2011


Thanks to everyone who came .We had A blast at The Love games, and Yes The weather was Crazy, but so was the Riding. On the drive up we All encountered a mighty storm, and the pass was closed. Thank Goodness for The parking lot BBQ, with the whole Satellite gang!! It was a real life saver to kill some time, waiting for that darn road to open. It made the road opening so much radder to have a hot dog in one hand and a free PBR in the other, cheering heck yeah let's shred as the gate lifted. Finally, at 2pm we got up to the top and ripped the awesome trick busting features we had built the day before. "Glorious" was the word of the day we had in our minds, while we were getting fresh lines and instant Truck rides back to the top. It was well worth the wait for a Rad trick sesh on love pass.

James and Travis with a snow plowed plow truck

Jon and James

Ah, James Mammele

Ian Boll and Travis packing some gear.

Curt Sorensen goin' big.

Rob Blank seatbelt grab, safety first.

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