Sunday, January 8, 2012


This Radd Junket takes a brief look into one of our urban city jib finds. Filming for our movie takes a lot of thought, exploring, and preparation. Finding a good spot to film some RADD snowboarding has to have a multitude of things working for it. First and foremost, a low or non-existent bust factor. Having to convince the 5-OH that you're just a buch of goofball lunatics trying to snowboard on some gnarly feature is never a fun task. Number two, being able have multiple features to hit at one place. This is always a super bonus, just in case one thing isn't working out. Number three, a need for SPEED! Bungee, drop-in ramp, shovels, and some good ol' H2O. Then, the creme de la creme, a great group of pals you can shred some wierd with. Oh yeah, some snow helps too! We here at aunti are lucky to have all of the above. Take a look into this Radd Junket and dig on one of the fun spots we found to air some tricks at. Wish we could show off more, but we have to save the rest of the footy because we promised our movie we would. Please feel free to enjoy this quick peek at one of our radd adventures!

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