Saturday, January 21, 2012

Death to the Rats!!

Last weekend we went up to Winter Park and captured some magical moments with our pals Ben Lynch, Ryan Arrington and Jackson Fowler. Helping them get down on their video monologues, 'Death to the Rats', was a BLAST!! They are such a unique group of characters, especially on snowboards. They are great friends to have cruising up and around the slopes with. Every second with them is always a Radd time. Constant laughing and goofing around, combined with the most different wild style of riding you will ever see. To top it all off, Ben and Ryan are also awesome musicians and make their own music for every edit! Watching them play their music instruments is another must see, if you ever get the chance, consider yourself privileged! Well anyway, get your brain to some video watching and enjoy some more magic from the ColoRADo mountains of Winter Park, and our pals, the 'Death to the Rats' crew.

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