Friday, January 21, 2011

Revenge of the Satellite!

Did you guys hear about what we've been up to lately? Well 

Basically a whole lot of filming and fun having, pretty much surrounded on Satellite Boardshop's new video entitled...
Well there isn't a title for this one yet, but either way its going to be SICK! Scope out these photos of the latest news. —JH

All Photog By Jon Hill.
(Top) -Jon Hill, Travis Villarreal, Keaton Rodgers, James Hill, Nicole Moore.
(#2 Down)-Alex Cutler.
(#3 Down)-Jackson Fowler, and Filming Travis Villarreal.
(#4 Down)-Filming James Hill.
(#5 Down)-Jon Hill, Keaton Rodgers, Brendan Barry.
(Bottom)-Ben Lynch and Filming is Brendan Barry.

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