Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Way to go Keaton Rodgers on a magical sweet video, and Some rad crazy stop motion from Jon Hill.

GOOD TIMES PRODUCTIONS presents to you a film purely about the good times that we all share here in the state of OREGON. Don't ever take a day for granted, because you never know when you might be out for the season wishing you could go ride, even in the rain. So god damn-it, get on a snowboard and make some turns! Our one goal for VIDEOREGON is to get kids hyped on riding, and get them out there on the slopes! strap on your binders and go! Oregon is a great place to ride, winter and summer, so lets all sit back, and enjoy a video about our wonderful green state.

Featuring riding from some of your favorite riders: Jonah Owen, LNP, Brandon Cocard, Chris Brewster, Skylar Thorton, Stale Sandbech, and many more!

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