Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Shootin’ with Floyd.

Last Night Jon, James and I drove up to Summit County to meet Daniel “Floyd” Ralph and shoot a article Me.Glad is having in the upcoming issue of Snowboard Colorado.  Me.Glad is a Colorado company and makes “garments celebrating the happiest of human moods”. Jon took some rad photos that capture Floyd and his companies spirit.  I filmed a little video during the photo shoot and made a quick edit of what I caught.  The new hoody that folds up into a fanny pack is a really cool idea.  Floyd talks about the concept and shows how it works.  Good work Floyd on the new line and excited to see more stuff from you.

Floyd took some time out of his busy schedule to shoot some photos for his upcoming "Checkout" section in Snowboard Colorado. Floyd shows off a couple of the new pieces from the Me.Glad spring clothing line and demonstrates some great facial expressions. Aunti had a great time hanging out with Floyd for an evening, check it out!
Film/Edit: Brendan Barry
Photo: Jon Hill
Assistance: James Hill
An Aunti.2011 Production
All Rights Reserved.

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