Saturday, October 9, 2010

Searching for the urban legend.

This week in aunti news. Brendan and James getting ready for the new film project. We searched high and low taking pics and notes about what we want to lay down for the cameras. Finding what will work and what doesn't. Finding the perfect spots just right for us. Here are some pics from the days adventure, and nope, we wont show the spots until the movie is finished. Only the fun we had finding the urban legend.

Found some sweet art, not jibable though.

Found out that James still owns at tether ball.

Got a sick slide on this jib.

We also found out that Boulder used to be an ocean, with pterodactyls...
Flying around.

Then we climbed to the top of a building...

and watched a beautiful sunset to end the day.

We did find a lot of great fun creative things to annihilate with our boards, once the snow falls.
Planing makes the best tricks.

This is Brendan and James signing off!
Until next time, You beautiful Velociraptors.

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  1. check out these places man! winter cometh and we shall ride-eth. killer update!